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  • grey off the shoulder tee
  • Guns N Roses Paradise Off The Shoulder Tee
  • Blonde haired model featuring a vintage-inspired fit off shoulder tee.
  • off the shoulder vintage shirt
  • guns n' roses merch
  • Paradise City tee
  • red and white striped pants
  • Paradise City guns n roses tee
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Guns N Roses Paradise Off The Shoulder Tee

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Two words that set lyrics off loud in our heads…“Paradise City” was introduced on Guns N’ Roses’ debut album, soaring the charts and gaining profound popularity that it became the band’s show-closing song during three iconic tours. Thought up in the back of a rental van, it was just a few drinks and jokes that turned random hums, a couple rhymes and knee jerk lyrics into their smash hit “Paradise City.” If you ask Slash, it’s his favorite Guns N’ Roses song and we felt that that deserved a moment of its own. Slapped on this off the shoulder tee, a vintage-inspired fit featuring a wide scoop neckline for a true live-in-look, is the group’s logo and infamous hit track’s name.

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