Best Gear for Summer Concerts

It’s time to increase the volume because the festival season is in full swing! We know it can be hard to search for music festival outfits. Lucky for you, Daydreamer LA’s Summer ‘23 Campaign is perfect when shopping for comfy graphic t-shirts and tanks. Whether you’re bound for Bonnaroo or Lollapalooza, here’s a list of the best gear for summer concerts. 

green day tee

Belt Bag or Backpack 

One is essential for your festival packing list because where else will you place all of your festival essentials? Try to keep your belt bag or backpack small so you can quickly enter the festival. We love belt bags because they’re easy to carry and can clip easily to your waist. One is a cute accessory for your music festival packing list and outfits. 

Power Bank

Recording your favorite music artists can quickly drain your smartphone battery. A good power bank can be a life-saver while you’re out in the desert or on festival grounds. Consider Anker’s Portable USB-C Charger to ensure you stay powered up for your festival weekend. This charger can charge in as little as 30 minutes and is compatible with brands such as Samsung and Apple. 

A Breezy Tank Top

Are you trying to channel a simple and chic look? You can’t go wrong with our Solid Racer Tank in white. Pair it with jean shorts, a cute black belt, and black cowboy boots for a fabulous festival look. Our Led Zepplin Icarus 77 Shrunken Tank is another great option. It features the band’s legendary logo and Icarus symbol in glitter gel! You can wear it with a mini skirt and some boots, and you’re ready to listen to your favorite bands. Our solid sporty tank in black is another excellent option. Pair it with jeans and sneakers for a comfy and casual look

fleetwood mac crest

Or… a Stylish Graphic Tee

Another great option to stay comfortable is a shrunken or oversized graphic tee. Daydreamer LA has the best quality graphic tees. Our Howdy Boots tee is famous for a reason. It’s oversized and designed with a heart-shaped lasso filled with iconic cowboy boots and country-inspired details- perfect to wear with cutoff jean shorts and cowboy boots. Another attractive option? Pay tribute to Fleetwood Mac by wearing our Fleetwood Mac Flower Crest tee. It comes in a cute green color, perfect to style with bike shorts, a maxi skirt, or cut-off denim shorts.

Are you looking for something more cropped? Then check out our Kiss Destroyer Tour shrunken tee with a pair of jean shorts and some sneakers for another comfortable and classic festival look. This vintage-inspired tribute to one of the most iconic rock bands ever is a real catch. You can wear it up or down for a worn-in look that will give you compliments everywhere! 

A Comfy Pair of Shoes

You’re going to be walking all over the festival grounds for days. Add a pair of comfy shoes to your festival packing list. Summer concerts and festivals often involve lots of standing and walking. Ensure your feet won't be killing you by the night's end. Be sure to pack a good pair of shoes, such as sneakers or a comfy pair of boots. It can also get a bit muddy, so try to find some sturdy boots. Also - keep your open-toed shoes at home- you don’t want anyone stepping on them as you walk. 


Sunscreen is another must-have item for summer concerts. Even if you don’t plan on standing in the sun all day, long hours can lead to sunburn. Bring a bottle of SPF 30 or higher so that you don’t get a painful sunburn. If you get a sunburn, ensure you have aloe vera gel on deck. This will soothe, nourish, and prevent peeling. 

Packable Sun Hat

This is the perfect accessory to finish off your cute outfits. Packable sun hats are an excellent option for festivals because you can easily fold them and put them in your belt bag for safekeeping! Try Baggu’s wide-brimmed packable sun hat. It’s lightweight and comes in a ton of fun prints, perfect to match your Daydreamer LA graphic tee. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Be sure to bring a reusable water bottle throughout your day. Dehydration is a real risk in hot weather, so staying hydrated as much as possible is essential. You don’t want to be stuck with a brutal headache or feel faint during a concert. Try a collapsible leakproof water bottle. They are perfect for long days because you can fold them and put them in your backpack or belt bag. 

Mini First Aid Kit 

Blister bandages are one of the most significant festival essentials. Put them inside your festival mini first aid kit. This all-purpose mini first aid kit might save you from blisters, cuts, or scrapes. 

A Light Jacket or Sweater

The air can get chilly on festival grounds at night, even during the summer months. Pack a light jacket or sweater, so you’ll have something warm to keep you comfortable. Our New York crew sweatshirt is perfect for sticking in your backpack or wrapping around your waist. It’s oversized and cozy, with distressed tri-blend fleece to nail that perfect vintage look. This is among the best gear for summer concerts. 

new york crew

It’s essential to have the best gear for summer concerts. Comfy shoes, sunscreen, a reusable water bottle, and the cutest music festival outfits are all necessary to ensure you have an incredible time. All our t-shirts and tees are cut, sewn, and crafted in L.A. Check out our other options for festival essentials and the best gear for summer concerts! Daydreamer LA is the perfect go-to spot for all your music festival outfits.