Clothing Production: Unraveling the Craftsmanship of Daydreamer

Clothing Production: Unraveling the Craftsmanship of Daydreamer

Whether you’re a longtime Daydreamer fan or you’re a newbie to our brand, take a deeper look at our best-selling band t-shirts, their craftsmanship, and our clothing production process. If you already own one, then you know there is no better feeling than slipping on a brand-new Daydreamer tee. We have mastered the essence of a beloved vintage-inspired tee that feels perfect from the first wear. How? Because our clothing production is second to none. Daydreamer is the best band tee clothing line for a reason. Did you know that our tees spend more than 20 hours in the minds and hands of our team before they arrive on your doorstep? In the era of fast fashion, Daydreamer is the opposite. We take the time to create high-quality and well-loved pieces that feel amazing from the first time you put them on. 

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Cut, Sewn & Crafted in L.A. 

Learn all about Daydreamer’s clothing production process and what makes us one of the great clothing brands.

Choose the Fabric

With our Daydreamer tees, you don’t have to wait to get that amazing vintage feel. From the very first wear, your new tee feels perfect because of our clothing production process. If you have bought a Daydreamer tee before, you know the fabric is just right. We choose fabric from our long-term Los Angeles mill partners. Every time, our fabric is cut-to-order to ensure its quality and reduce waste. To ensure we keep quality high and waste low. 

Pre-Washed and Pre-Shrunk

Our tees get that signature feel because we partner with a local family-owned washhouse. It’s an extra step that we take but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Your shirt gets a little extra care in a multi wash process. And the best part? It won’t shrink once you take it home with you.  

The Perfect Fit for Everyone

We want every single person to look and feel great in our clothes. We have something for everyone. Our clothes are fit on a variety of body types. Our tops come in sizes from XS to 3X. Check out our sizing guide for more details on the fit of our sweaters, long sleeve shirts, long sleeve crop tops, oversized tees, boyfriend tees, girlfriend tees, tour tees, weekend tees, shrunken tees, merch tees, bottoms, and more.

Original, Exclusive Art 

Do you want something different from all the other band tees on the market? Daydreamer’s art is exclusive and inspired. Our in-house graphic designers take the time to scour books and historic memorabilia to find the perfect art. Our graphics are hand-drawn and distressed perfectly. At least twelve hours are spent on the art for each of our styles. 

Perfect Print Technique

The key to our tees is a perfect print technique. We work with an LA-based, family-owned screen shop that has been part of our Daydreamer company from the start. They utilize a special blend of ink, time, and pressure that gives us the unique Daydreamer look. Plus, we are continually innovating our prints to ensure they look amazing.

Quality Inspection and Finishing

All our tees make one last visit back to our headquarters for a last inspection before being shipped out. Every single Daydreamer piece is inspected by hand for any imperfection. We ensure that extra threads are cut and hang tags are pinned. 

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What Makes Us the Best Clothing Line? 

There are several reasons why we are one of the great clothing brands. 

Made in the USA 

It matters where your fashion is made. Daydreamer is cut, sewn, and crafted in L.A. The process starts at our L.A. headquarters and each tee is then crafted in the hands of our local vendors.

Sustainable Fashion 

Every product we make is cut to order. This ensures we keep waste to a minimum and deliver the highest quality.  

Softest Tees Ever 

All of our fabrics are custom-knit in Los Angeles and pre-washed to ensure they’re the softest tees you’ve ever slipped on.

Limited Runs

The majority of our styles are produced in limited quantities. Snatch yours while you can.

Diverse Collection of Artists

Our tees and sweatshirts represent a diverse range of artists and music. From country music tees to hip hop style t-shirts to rock n’ roll tees, you can find a tee for any genre at Daydreamer. 

Versatile Clothing Brand

While we’re known for our amazing band tees, Daydreamer is a versatile clothing brand with a variety of styles available, including sweatshirts and bottoms.

Crafting a Premier Clothing Line

Daydreamer is so much more than just a versatile clothing brand. We create clothing and experiences for authentic people. Each t-shirt, sweatshirt, and piece of clothing we create has a message and memory behind it. 

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Enjoy Daydreamer’s Clothing Production 

Now that you know the Daydreamer clothing production process, it’s time for you to snag one of our styles for yourself. Whether you need something to wear to a music festival this summer like Lollapalooza, or you simply want a new comfy everyday tee, choose something from the best clothing line. Daydreamer has all the tees you need. Our tees, tanks, and sweatshirts will be a beloved part of your collection and on heavy rotation in your wardrobe for years due to high-quality production.