Layering with Oversized Band Tees

There has always been a fine line between looking your best and being comfortable. It’s hard to argue that nothing is comfier than an oversized t-shirt and a cozy pair of sweatpants. Luckily, you can blend the two with oversized t-shirts, especially oversized band tees, and vintage-inspired clothing. If you want to stock up on oversized t-shirts, Daydreamer has the perfect graphic t-shirts for you to rock out in.  

queen tee

Jackets, Blazers, and Other Layers 

Layering is one of the keys to styling oversized band tees. Layering under an oversized t-shirt can be done with a fitted, simple long-sleeve shirt. Long sleeves plus a baggy tee can be the duet we all need for cooler weather. A hoodie can also be worn underneath your tee, adding a bit of a 90s streetwear style to your look. The always classic “hoodie tied around the waist” look can also work well with any oversized tee. 

Jean jackets are in style this year, and they make a perfect pair for layering with tee shirts. Daydreamer x Lee’s jean jackets, in a variety of shades of denim, can turn any basic tee into a hit outfit. 

Blazers and preppy or professional styles are also rising on the charts.A no-brainer. Pairing your favorite graphic t-shirts with your favorite blazer is a look we can get behind. 

A classic button-up shirt, specifically a dark plaid button-up if you’re aiming for a grunge look, can be a great collab with an oversized tee. Oversized button-ups are also in this year, so there are even more reasons to combine the looks. 

Want to keep with the cozy, comfortable vibes of an oversized band tee? Remix it with an open sweater or cardigan. Still comfy, still cozy, now warm, and elevated to a new level of style.  While layering is one of the easiest ways to style oversized band tees, it’s not the only option. 

graphic band tee

Styling Oversized Tops 

Layering isn’t the only option when styling oversized shirts. Shuffling what you wear with your oversized graphic t-shirts will keep some variety in your closet. T-shirts don’t need to be paired with jeans or leggings. Daydreamer’s oversized vintage-inspired clothing mix perfectly with flowy white maxi skirts and cargo pants. Lean into the rock and roll vibes with a pair of tie-dye jeans. Get ready to shout out “Let’s go girls” when you pair our Shania Boots Been Under Oversized Crew with a mini skirt. Cowboy boots are optional. Break away from your chains when you rock our Fleetwood Mac Dove Oversized Long Sleeve with fun patterned wide-leg pants. 

Combining an oversized sweatshirt or long sleeve with shorts or a skirt is perfect for transitional weather. Same with pairing a t-shirt with shorts and a cardigan. Layers help make your oversized band shirts more fashionable, but also help you dress for the weather. A win-win situation. 

We can't go wrong with a classic. Simply tucking in, or partially tucking in, an oversized shirt is probably the simplest, easiest, and more classic version of oversized t-shirt fashion. 

stevie nicks tee

No matter how you layer or what you pair an oversized band tee with, it’ll still be comfortable, cool, and a way to showcase your favorite bands. The Who, Nirvana, Fleetwood Mac, The Beach Boys, Green Day, Johnny Cash, The Rolling Stones, Elvis, Blondie, Blink- 182, Pink Floyd, and Bruce Springsteen. Daydreamer has them all, and more. Band tees aren’t just for wearing at concerts. They’re for wearing every day. For working from home. For road trips. For running errands. Layer them, tuck them in, however you want to rock them. 

These tees are specifically designed for that oversized look. All of our shirts are sized and fit-tested on different models, to ensure the fit is right. We pay special attention to the drape of the fabric, the curve of the neckband, and the stitch of the hem. Like all of our products, our oversized band tees are hand-cut and sewn in Los Angeles. Our designs are hand drawn, and meticulously distressed so you can be confident the look is entirely Daydreamer designed and developed. Our fabric is not too soft, not too stretchy, but just right for that genuine vintage-inspired clothing feel. We partner with a local family-owned wash house, nailing our proprietary blend to give each of our tees that signature feel.  Plus, it’s all cut to order, ensuring quality at its best and waste at its least.