New Band Shirts on Our Roster

New Band Shirts on Our Roster 

Summer concert season is heating up. Road trips are happening - windows down, classics cranking! The vibes are off the charts. We’ve got new band tees that just dropped, ready to complete your outfit. Beach day? Road trip? Outdoor venue tailgate? Front row seats for your all-time favorites? We’ve got you covered. But they’re vintage-inspired, designed in-house, and in partnership with the artists. They’re cut, sewn, and crafted in Los Angeles, and designed to be authentic.

New Band Shirts in the Collection

Joni Mitchell

This beloved Canadian singer-songwriter has left an indelible mark on the world. The sheer poetry of her lyrics is the perfect blend for an ethereal voice like hers. As a result, her folk-rock fusion has left listeners enchanted for decades. Her soul-baring albums like “Blue” and “Court and Spark” are masterpieces, sharing her raw emotions with the world. A true pioneer, Mitchell fearlessly explored themes of love, identity, and social justice. Her musical legacy will forever resonate with the hearts and minds of all. 

Want to celebrate the wonder and authenticity of Joni Mitchell? Look no further. Our Blue Merch Tee and Ladies of the Canyon Solo Tee are the perfect way to celebrate such a talented artist. Keep it casual with a comfy pair of baggy jeans, or match Mitchell’s moody vibes by pairing with your favorite maxi skirt. 

Neil Young

Another legendary Canadian singer-songwriter, Neil Young carved his own unique path in the music industry. With his distinctive voice and deep-reaching lyrics, Young made a lasting impression – in fact, his career has spanned over five decades. From his time with Buffalo Springfield to his solo work, Young became an iconic voice that constantly pushed for change in our society. His timeless hits like "Heart of Gold" and "Rockin' in the Free World" continue to inspire and resonate with generations, solidifying him as an enduring icon of musical innovation and activism.

Many are flocking to buy tickets to Neil Young’s 2023 tour to see the two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee. Show up to his gig in style! We’ve taken inspiration from one of Neil Young’s most unique album covers with our Home Grown Tour Tee. Though, if you’re looking for something a bit more muted, you can also opt for our Harvest Weekend Tee – a subtle design with just a pop of color. 

Chris Stapleton

In terms of modern country music, Chris Stapleton is a powerhouse. His music is soulful and gritty, with incredible storytelling that brings you on a complete journey with every track. Emerging from a successful career as a songwriter for other country stars, his breakthrough debut album "Traveller" garnered widespread acclaim, earning multiple Grammy Awards. Whether you are craving a heartfelt ballad or foot-stomping anthem, Stapleton has a song that will leave a lasting impression.

Want to capture some country vibes and show your love for Chris Stapleton? We have the t-shirts for you. If you’re really looking for that Western feel, we suggest our cowboy-centric options – the Horse and Canyons Tour Tee or the Hard Livin’ Boyfriend Tee. Or, you can sport our Horseshoe OS Tee which features a gorgeous horseshoe and rose graphic. 

stevie nicks tee

Stevie Nicks

Perhaps the most enchanting rock goddess to have touched the genre, Stevie Nicks’ ethereal voice and mystical allure are matched only by her genuine talent. Playing a pivotal role in shaping their timeless sound, Nicks got her start as the iconic frontwoman of Fleetwood Mac. After going solo, she saw just as much success, solidifying her place among the greats. Be it her bewitching stage presence or her artistic brilliance, everyone can find something to love in the ineffable Stevie Nicks. 

If you’re looking to capture the wonder of Stevie Nicks, we have the shirts for you. Whether you want our scoop neck, boyfriend tee, or ringer tee, you’re guaranteed to spark conversations about this quintessential leading lady. 

Tim McGraw 

A tried-and-true American country superstar, Tim McGraw’s chart-topping hits will go down in music history. With his smooth baritone voice, McGraw has made himself a household name with classics like “Live Like You Were Dying” and “I Like It, I Love It.” Beyond music, he has made a name for himself as an actor and philanthropist. This, of course, has given fans more and more reasons to love him. 

What better way to pay tribute than to wear this heartthrob proudly with our Cowboy Reverse GF Tee? With pops of primary colors, this shirt is the perfect complement to a pair of cut-off shorts for the perfect summer fit. 


Soundgarden’s innovative blend of heavy metal, grunge, and psychedelic elements has produced a distinctive and powerful sound that will not be forgotten. Exploring dark, yet relatable themes, Soundgarden captured the hearts of many. Chris Cornell’s stunning vocals contribute greatly to the raw energy of albums like “Superunknown” and “Badmotorfinger.”  Despite their untimely breakup and Cornell's tragic passing, their legacy endures, influencing generations of rock enthusiasts.

In honor of their third studio album, we have brought the classic cyclone design back to life on our Badmotorfinger Merch Tee. Satisfy your grungy side with this bold shirt that even includes their tour details stamped proudly on the back. 

vintage-inspired music tees

Vintage-Inspired Authenticity 

Genuine tour tees from the 90s, 80s, 70s, or even the 60s are hard to find. However, the vintage vibes of your favorite band can be found right here at Daydreamer. Our vintage-inspired shirts offer the memorabilia you never had the chance to get. We’re generally huge fans of risk-taking and rule-breaking, but as far as copyrights and the legality of band merch go, not to worry. We’re lucky to work directly with artists and their teams for all of our band designs. 

Handmade in Los Angeles. Our designs are hand drawn, and meticulously distressed so you can be confident it's entirely Daydreamer designed and developed. Our fabric is not too soft, not too stretchy, just right for that genuine tour tee feel. Plus it’s all cut to order, ensuring quality at its best and waste at its least. 

We believe in being our authentic selves. We believe in inclusivity - our clothing is offered in sizes XS to 3X, and the fit is tested on different models and sizes so we know it’ll look just right. Plus, all domestic orders over $100 ship for free. We believe in quality products. 

We love what we love - good music, band shirts, acid-washed jeans, and screaming the lyrics at the top of our lungs from the front row. Preferably in a Daydreamer shirt, or better yet, a whole outfit. That’s really the energy we’re going for - and we’ve got you a ticket.