Festival Outfits: The Intersection of Music and Style at Music Festivals

Are you heading to one of 2024’s upcoming music festivals? Just like the best musical duos, music and style have always had a relationship. Whether you are headed to Bonnaroo, Lollapalooza, or Glastonbury, Stagecoach/Coachella you need the best festival outfits. There is no better place to make a statement with your outfit than a music festival. Let’s break down the best festival wear for various upcoming fests including the best music festival tops for your closet, and why band tees are the perfect choice for any music festival. And if you want to look ready to take the stage yourself at a festival, check out Daydreamer’s entire selection of clothing. 

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Festival Wear: How Music and Style Intersect at Festivals

The relationship between fashion and music has evolved into a creative symbiosis. Fashion evolved and now is a powerful form of self-expression. It’s no secret that music has gone from filling our ears with beautiful notes to infiltrating our wardrobes. After all, the largest stars on the musical stage today are not just musical icons, they’re style icons, too. And music festivals are now the hotbeds of style innovation. Artists and attendees alike show off their individual styles and personalities with their choices. 

What does that mean to you? It means it’s time to start planning your music festival outfits!

Festival Outfits: What Should I Wear to a Music Festival? 

Just like curating your favorite playlist, creating the perfect outfit to wear to a music festival is an art form. It is easy to mix and match a Daydreamer tee with any other items in your closet to create the perfect music festival outfit. 

Music Festival Clothing Ideas and Recommendations

Are you headed to a music fest this year? Check out our recommendations for what to wear to some of the year’s most highly anticipated music festivals across the country. 


If you are headed to Stagecoach, then you need the best country music tees. Represent a classic and check out our wide selection of Willie Nelson tees. Or, if you’re hoping to catch The Beach Boys’ set, represent your favorite with a vintage-inspired tee. 


No Doubt will be headlining at Coachella. This Indio, California event is one of the top festivals in the country, so don’t miss out. But they aren’t the only ones! You can also catch Deftones and Sublime at this legendary festival. 

Bonaroo Festival 

Do you have tickets to Bonnaroo in Manchester, Tennessee? Grab a Red Hot Chili Peppers tee since they’re headlining. 

Railbird Music Festival 

If you are making your way to Lexington, Kentucky for the Railbird Music Festival, snag a Chris Stapleton tee to show off your devotion.

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Music Festival Tops

Music festival season is no longer just the spring and summer months. As music festivals have become more and more popular, they are now a year-round affair. And that means you need year-round music festival clothing. Here are some of our favorite recommendations for music festival tops.

Tank Tops 

It’s no secret that some of the best music festivals happen in the middle of the summer, so you need the best gear for summer concerts. Beat the heat and still look festival-ready in a tank top, like our Solid Racer Tank in Black Onyx or a graphic tank.

Artist Tees

Is your favorite artist on tour? Check out our selection of tees from artists who are currently on tour, from Billy Joel to Metallica. 

Graphic Sweatshirts 

Are you headed to a music festival in a slightly chillier locale? Then grab a warm and comfy graphic sweatshirt. Maybe you prefer a hoodie, like our Beastie Boys options, or a comfy crew neck like the one in our Fleetwood Mac collection.

Dad Hat 

Pick up a Daydreamer logo dad hat to stay cool and fashionable. 

Don’t Forget Music Festival Accessories 

Leave some room in your bag for accessories, too! From a hat to a tote to shoes and socks, every aspect of your music festival outfit makes a statement.

Why are Band Tees the Best Festival Wear? 

Though music festival outfits and trends will come and go, a band tee is the choice that is timeless. No matter which music festival you are heading to this year, a band tee is the perfect music festival clothing. 

Commit to the Festival Experience

There is no better duo than music festivals and band t-shirts. You can find a band shirt to wear to any music festival from Daydreamer. Whether you’re heading to a country festival, a hard rock festival, alt rock, grunge, metal, pop, or a hip-hop fest, we have graphic tees for a variety of music genres.  

Band Tees are Versatile

When you’re packing for a music festival, it’s important to have a variety of outfits available. You can pair a band tee with virtually any other components of an outfit. Match your favorite band tee to a pair of cutoffs in the summer, or your favorite pair of jeans in the fall. If you’re an edgier girl, wear a band tee with a pair of mesh pants.

Band Tees Never Go Out of Style

When you purchase a high-quality tee for a band you really love, it will stay in your rotation forever. It won’t be a one-time wear at a music festival. You can wear it and love it over and over for years to come. 

Band Tees Look Amazing on Everyone

Whether your style is more classic or edgy, a band tee works well in everyone’s wardrobe. It’s a versatile piece that can be matched to your own favorite genre, from alternative rock to country to hip hop to pop to new wave. And it can be matched with anything in your closet. 

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Get Festival Wear From Daydreamer LA

Daydreamer has you covered with all the best festival wear. We have the gear for every season - from summer concerts to fall festivals. Add to your collection with our tees that are cut, sewn, and crafted in L.A. From graphic tees to cozy sweatshirts, we have all the festival outfits you need. Daydreamer is here with tees to match your favorite festival headliners.